What we do?

CMS provide all our partners a complete and weee compliant  service of refurbish, repair and recycle (3R’s), covering the complete life cycle of products, ensuring nothing goes into landfill.

CMS’s highly skilled technicians test each mobile phone to define its condition, use brand new parts or spares from other devices, replace or clean the housing to make a 100% functionally product that can be re-sold afterwards.

Tablet PCs, game consoles and laptops are new lines we have added to our professional expertise, based on the request from our clients, which shows our high adaptability.

A major component of our business as described above is our mobile phone recycling scheme which has been designed to fully cater for our partners’ needs of the WEEE initiative (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) and fits neatly with our environmental management system that adheres to the requirements of  ISO14001.

We invest in complex software that allows our partners to trace their stocks and update with the information of the batches: status, yields, output, etc.

We data wipe all devices, thus our services are completely secure and offer protection for our customers in accordance with personal data deletion legal requirements!