World Wide Mobile Phone Growth

World Wide Mobile Phone GrowthIn the past decade, cell phones have become a leading source of communication in our society. Many of us rely on them to communicate on a daily basis as a main basic necessity and we are constantly looking to upgrade our handsets, as mobile functionality and technical features continue to improve.  Only 5 years ago we would change the phone for a slimmer design with 56K colours.  Nowadays we consider if it is 3G, has Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications included.

In 2011, 5 billion mobile phone connections were sold around the world – and this continues to grow rapidly. Industry adds 1 billion connections in 18 months; on track to reach 6 billion in H1 2012.

It is important that we have plans for doing something with these products when they are replaced. These plans should include refurbishing, repairing and recycling!  CMS is the perfect solution for giving a second life through a rigorous and professional process not only to mobile phones, but also to tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops!